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Welltory: wellness HRV tracker

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Apple Health & Fitness 2.1.8 May 10, 2018 0.0

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Version 2.1.8 released on May 10, 2018
Getting insights about your body just got easier! Want to see how different events and experiments affect you, how your body scores changed throughout the week, and whether Mondays really are tougher? Update your app and check out the new charts in your Measurement history: — a graph with your average parameters & trends over the past 7 days — your average scores by day of the week — a list of tags that show events that help you feel better or bum you out Plus: — you can use promo codes and buy a Lifetime subscription in the app — fixed the error that made your in-measurement tips too fast & left you staring at the same text for a long time at the end — adjusted the side menu design for iPhone X users, everything fits on one screen so you don't have to scroll now

Version 2.1.7 released on April 25, 2018
Astrologers proclaim the week of bug fixing, so, we did it. First, we fixed weight and height asker bug, sorry for that. Second, we fixed broken long tap menu on the Measurement button that allows switching between 100 beats and 300 beats measurement length. Remember, frequency parameters are correct only for 300 beats measurements, so, use this feature, when you need it. We hope you have noticed, that we check measurement accuracy on the fly now, so, you will not have to see measurement results based on broken data. We also changed the design on Upgrade page and created more clear explanation about why PRO version is so cool and why our PRO users stay with us for more than a 10 months on average. That's all news for today, stay tuned, more features are coming.

Version 2.1.6 released on April 20, 2018
This update brings major accuracy improvements to ensure your measurements are better at reflecting how your body feels & don't contradict each other. We analyze your measurements on the go, interrupting them if there are too many artefacts. There is also a new article in the Help tab with tips that will help you take better measurements :) And don't forget you can create your own measurement tags now. Add whatever you like – your daily acai smoothies, sea salt baths, etc.

Version 2.1.4 released on April 12, 2018
You asked, we delivered! This update gives you the option to create your own tags for measurements. Add anything you want and see how it affects you – your morning commute, triple wheatgrass shots, or FaceTime with your dog. The sky's the limit. Plus: — Go to "My health data" in the web dashboard to see a spreadsheet with all your measurement results. You can sort it by different tags and export the data as a .csv file. — Check out a brand-new heart rate graph in the Check tab. — Flip through the pages in the Learn tab and enjoy faster loading speeds. — Find out how to stay healthy at your desk job in our new lecture.

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App Description

Welltory is an app that lets your body talk to you directly, telling you how much you can get done today, if you risk getting sick, and what to do to feel better tomorrow. Based on methods from high-performance sports and adapted for knowledge workers, Welltory uses biofeedback to give you practical advice that’s relevant to your life, like: - skip the gym and get a massage - something is wrong, get a health checkup - you’re losing focus, switch to routine work - running makes your sales grow, hit the track! And much more. Get more done and feel great by working with your body, not against it. HOW DOES IT WORK? Just put your index finger over the phone camera & flash for 2 minutes. Welltory tracks your heartbeat with a technique called PPG, also used in fitness trackers. Then, the app runs the numbers through heart rate variability algorithms to produce meaningful biofeedback. Step 1. Measure your heartbeat with your finger & phone camera to get your daily Stress, Energy, and Performance scores. Welltory’s camera measurements are as accurate as professional heart rate monitors! Step 2. Plug in data from Apple Health, RescueTime, Fitbit, and other apps & gadgets to go PRO and change what matters. Keep all of your data in one dashboard and use 60+ graphs to see how factors like sleep, steps, and even the weather affect your health parameters. Step 3. Get advice based on biofeedback and use it to plan your day. Our recommendations will help you choose tasks that match your energy & focus, along with activities that help you reduce stress and recharge. WHY USE WELLTORY? Being aware of your body and learning how to take it into account will turn you into an expert biohacker in no time: - Test what works for you. What helps you reduce stress better: running or yoga? Does a vegetarian diet give you more energy? Use daily measurements to see how different lifestyle changes affect your scores. Keep what works, toss what doesn’t. - Change what matters. Plug in data from Apple Health, RescueTime, Fitbit, and 100 other apps & gadgets, then use Welltory’s graphs to figure out which habits affect your Stress, Energy, and Performance scores. Make better lifestyle decisions based on facts, not guesswork. - Boost productivity & stress resilience. Use data-driven advice to choose tasks that match your energy & focus, then plan evening activities that help you be more productive tomorrow. Get more done without putting your health on the line. - Avoid getting sick. Welltory alerts you when you’re pushing past your body’s limits so you can take action before it’s too late. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? - Accurate. Measurement accuracy on par with pro heart rate monitors. - Verified. Measurements based on heart rate variability analysis – the same method used by NASA, US military, and medical professionals to assess the state of the autonomic nervous system. - Customized. Self-learning algorithms trained on 2B data points and tested against 5K clinical assessments. - User-friendly. Relevant advice based on biofeedback & health scores that are easy to understand. - Effective. 79% of users notice an improvement in wellness & productivity within 30 days. With Welltory, anybody can use HRV to get biofeedback, no labs or personal analysts needed! SUBSCRIPTIONS Upgrade to Welltory PRO to get full access to all features. Connect 100+ data sources, complete programs, and get unlimited measurement details. #Subscription details: - The subscription is auto-renewed 24 hours before the expiration date unless auto-renewal is cancelled. - You may turn off auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes Account Settings, but refunds will not be given for any unused portion of the term. - The above prices are for U.S. customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence. - Terms of Service https://welltory.com/terms/ - Privacy Policy http://welltory.com/privacy/

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Welltory: wellness HRV tracker Screenshot Welltory: wellness HRV tracker Screenshot Welltory: wellness HRV tracker Screenshot Welltory: wellness HRV tracker Screenshot

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